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Holistic Coaching and Consultations

If you are serious about your cycling and want to perform to your very best then this should not be overlooked. It is key to everything we do and having a full understanding of the relationship between your body and mind will give you the edge over your friends, fellow club members and your competitors.

Whether you take part in one of thecompletecyclist specific courses or would prefer to approach our partner individually we can help you become more self aware and develop. If you would like to know more about holistic programmes please click the link below and be sure to mention that you were directed from

Our Holistic Partner

Mental and Physiological Preperation

With Bosko Popovic


An extremely informative 2 hour course with our subject matter expert Bosko Popovic. As well as being a top highly respected lecturer in his field Bosko is also currently working to publish his own book and is the author of his own holistic health programme named “Journey into Self Awareness”. Through his love and passion for cycling, we are able to offer this introductory course and gain access to his comprehensive knowledge and expertise at an exclusive rate. If you are serious about your cycling – if you want to perform better and understand the link between you, your body and your bike then this is for you.

What this module contains

How to prepare, energise yourself and get that focus pre ride
The basics of visualisation
Breathing techniques and oxygen intake during the ride
How to re-energise during your ride
The importance of water intake and light fuelling during the ride
How to relax post ride


Contact us to discuss next course dates and start your journey into self awareness and a higher level of personal performance.

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