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Confident Road Cycling

National Standards Cycling Course


Does Riding in traffic worry you?

Do you feel unsafe on busy roads?

Are you anxious about  negotiating roundabouts and busy junctions?

Have you got an event coming up and want to be safe riding with other road users?

Would you like to commute by bike but don't know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of the above then we can help you get on your way with a confidence inspiring road based cycling course designed to help you plan and make safe journeys by road.

Our experienced instructors will help you accomplish a number of successful outcomes that include everything from preparing you and your bike for your ride, basic riding skills, bike control,  turning in and out of major roads, negotiating large roundabouts and junctions and keeping a safe road position to protect yourself in traffic.

We can tailor the course to your specific needs including helping you with your specific commuting route.

No bike? - No problem we have quality hybrid bikes that you can use on your sessions free of charge!

For more information on how to book your unique session please contact us.

MTB Coaching and Lead Rides

MTB - North Wales

Pick a location and our qualified instructors will meet you there for either a lead ride exploiting their local knowledge or skills coaching covering all the basics plus more. Corporate group rides available.

MTB - South East, England

Take advantage of our highly experienced coaching staff based in this region. Offering tailored coaching solutions. From lead rides to skills coaching and confidence building we can tailor your session to achieve your end goal, whether that is to have a fun ride or become a competent trail slayer!

MTB - East Midlands, England

Skills Coaching and Lead rides suitable for novice riders, groups and corporate. From a basic session covering all the safety and essential trail skills to more advanced riding skills to develop your riding, we can help you get going and hitting the trails with confidence.

Advanced Pro MTB Coaching

Advanced Coaching Session

Jumps, manuals, drops, cornering and advanced riding techniques which will take your riding to a whole new level. Exclusively delivered on behalf of the in the South of England by GB International representative and former National 4X Champion Pro Elite Tom Dowie. He will work with you to gain confidence and master the fundamental skills you need to tackle more technical features and ride with flare and style.