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Why not become your own performance coach and learn how you can harness your inner strength to perform at your best by incorporating a unique Personal Psychological Performance approach?   

It has long been recognised that cycling and sporting achievements rely on far more than just physical and genetic ability, our frame of mind plays a vital role in how we perform.  

This unique course will explore six core psychological qualities that make up the Personal Psychological Performance Model©.   By following this model in a systematic and disciplined approach you will greatly enhance your Performance both on and off your bike. 

Six core qualities that this course you will cover are:    

1. Inner Competence

2. Inner Will 

3. Mind-set 

4. Self-talk

5. Control, Influence and Accept 

6. Biases and Interference's

This unique course will also explore a range of performance coaching models that professional cyclists and athletes have used to boost their performance. 

By enrolling on this unique course, you will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to not only perform better on your bike but also greatly improve your mental resilience, psychological strength and grit whilst at home or at work. 

Our team at have been handpicked to provide world class coaching and training to support you in becoming the very person you want to become both on and off the bike. The course will be practical, focused and life changing.

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Whether for a professional team, an amateur club, a dedicated workforce or social group our unique course and program is guaranteed to have each one of you performing at your absolute best and get those results you are working so hard to achieve.

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